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CLAIRITY™ Suite of Particle Visualization and Characterization Tools.


What is CLAIRITY™...

CLAIRITY™ is a comprehensive particle size and morphology analysis software package. Compatible with virtually any microscope or digital image source this unique software platform provides a flexible, cost-effective and deployable solution for particle characterization and visualization.


  • PRECISE: Utilizing advanced image analytics, CLAIRITY™ delivers precise particle sizing, distribution and morphological analysis.

  • COMPATIBLE: From powders and liquids to suspensions, granulations, creams, or ointments, CLAIRITY™ can observe particle and globule size in almost any matrix.

  • ADAPTABLE: With a high-resolution camera CLAIRITY™ makes traditional particle size analysis more accessible to every lab, every day, processing images from virtually any source.

  • ACCESSIBLE: CLAIRITY™ boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be installed as stand-alone, LIMS integrated, or cloud-based.

  • OPTIMIZED: Designed with users in mind, CLAIRITY™ provides the needed functionalities without the complexities.

  • COMPLIANT: With 21 CFR Part 11 built-in; CLAIRITY™ meets the rigorous requirements of data compliance for regulated markets

  • FUNCTIONAL: CLAIRITY™ enables predictive modelling, anomaly detection, and comprehensive data interpretation, expediting decision-making and establishing functional relationships between material attributes and product quality.

CLAIRITY™ Modules...

Particle Module


Identify, count, classify, nano, subvisible, visible particles on most images

A comprehensive particle morphology image analysis software package that brings the power of image analysis into your research. Process images from virtually any source or
utilize the CLAIRITY™ HD Camera to image directly from any microscope with a camera port. Includes advanced data analysis and comparison tools.

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Automate image collection and analysis on virtually any microscope

Upgrade your system to Auto for fully automated image acquisition and data collection from beginning to end using a high-precision xyz-stage. Addition of a thermally controlled stage provides access to study particle and material properties as a function of temperature.


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CFU counting on agar plates, slides, gels or petri dishes

Save time and improve the precision and the accuracy of colony counting on agar plates. Microbe is a comprehensive package for identifying, counting, and reporting CFUs. With full LIMS integration, and digital reporting on every plate. Enables a fully compliant solution with 21 CFR Part 11                                        

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Manage access to devices, modules and compliance settings

With compliance in mind, this module provides comprehensive user and access rights management. Scalable from a single system environment to global user management this flexible system will meet all your user management needs.

“CLAIRITY™ provides me with a comprehensive particle analysis system that meets my customer needs and provides actionable insights into data. All for the price of a service contract on my traditional instrument.”
Director - CDMO


Assist in meeting standards for particulate analysis according to USPs <787>, <788>, <790> for sterile product formulations on solid filter paper substrates.

Utilize pattern recognition algorithm to correctly speciate and differentiate a 4-component blend and perform blend uniformity analysis to validate manufacturing process.

Identify a product bioequivalence failure traditional methods couldn’t find, and assist in root cause analysis, correctly identifying the failed batches, and a milling/crystallization problem.

Assist in the final lot release of a two API component ointment, accurately identifying each component in the ointment according to size and morphological properties.

Visually detect, identify, and quantify glass shards delaminated from the surface of an intact glass vail, in conjunction with a stereo-microscope.

Datasets obtained from flow imaging techniques and other sources are data-rich. CLAIRITY™ can be used to reanalyze these data sets ease and simplify data interpretation and intercomparability.

CLAIRITY™ can process images from a variety of sources to assess particle size, in this example an in-situ process monitoring camera was used to capture and monitor crystal growth rate and shape.

The CLAIRITY™ MICROBE module is specifically designed for cell and microbial colony counting, providing data-rich information including color, shape and more for each colony found.

Training CLAIRITY™ with historical data or samples for incoming material acceptance testing allows it to be trained to take over the process, potentially avoiding time consuming revalidation.

With over 25 reported parameters, CLAIRITY™ reports every instrument manufacturers measurement of size, providing system comparability, that is system and manufacturer agnostic.

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But which size...?

When it comes to the measurement of particle size, there is no single answer to the conundrum of which size metrics to report. Techniques like Laser Diffraction report volumetric distributions, while image analysis techniques report number distributions. Even different manufacturers report different size and shape parameters for identical particles, resulting in incomparable data sets. CLAIRITY™is the common voice in the world of particle analysis, as it is designed to analyze particles and report results from multiple sources or instruments in a common format defined by the acquisition method itself. 

Compliance at its heart…

With full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, regulatory compliance for data integrity and management was not an afterthought but founding cornerstone of the CLAIRITY™ software suite.

The system comes with an easy to configure user right management module, automatic data logging and backup, and e-signature compliance built right in.


About ImageProVision

ImageProVision, Inc. combined over 50 years of experience and commitment to advancing Image Analytics to improve the characterization and visualization of particulate matter, particles and cellular matrices.
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Download a copy of our workflow brochure to see how CLAIRITY™ can improve your particle image analysis workflows.

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Download a copy of our modules brochure to see what modules are available to support your research and development needs.